Advance Food Concepts Mfg. Inc. (AFCMI) was primarily fashioned to serve McDonald’s Philippines’ requirements for liquid mixes and formulated products. AFCMI was organized in February 2006 after a business acquisition from Blue Dairy Corporation that started the noble business. AFCMI has now emerged in the industry as the major supplier of liquid mixes for McDonald’s Philippines.

Although the current facility and technology may not yet be considered as extremely sophisticated and advanced, it is the company’s pride to announce that what AFCMI has is more than enough to continually maintain its products’ freshness, quality and safety for consumption.

Food safety and quality standards are set to meet customer requirements. It is AFCMI’s commitment that food safety and quality is always second to nothing. While AFCMI adheres to global food safety and quality standards, the company further strives to contribute its own initiatives to improve the food safety and quality of its products to the next level.

At AFCMI, all employees are treated as business partners. Although AFCMI follows the normal protocol of the organizational structure, the company always leaves an open door for employees to be heard. They are always busy brainstorming for something positive to contribute to the company. AFCMI recognizes their efforts because it envisions to have the best and exceptionally satisfied employees.

AFCMI is the doorstep of quality products through partnership with all its dedicated stakeholders. That is why AFCMI is proud to say that “ While you are still thinking about it, we are already making it happen”!


Happily helping our customers succeed by bringing safe, delicious and innovative food products to our communities. 


10 times in 10 years = 10B

"In 2026, AFCMI will have revenues of 10B. We will be a major force in the food component manufacturing business with deversification into other channels of distribution like retail, logistics".


Brand's Promise


"Food Facilities Rated A in Safety and Quality"


Core Values and Briefs

Let's Be Positive
We are Resourceful and Flexible
We have a Spirit of Excellence
We live and Work with Malasakit



AFCMI is committed to produce and distribute preferred superior products and services to meet our stakeholders’ requirements.

We exercise food safety and quality excellence by:

Adapting harmonious and mutual relationship with our business partners primarily through effective communication and understanding of all levels.

Focusing on enhanced customer satisfaction by providing products and services that observe effective food safety and quality management system, with adherence to stringent standard, regulatory, statutory and customers’ requirements.

Continuous research, training and opportunity for growth and development of all resources.

Maintaining the organizational culture that foster continual improvement and periodic review of established system for effective consistency.

Incorporating always our core values as our way of life.

In AFCMI, food safety and quality is never compromised!